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    Transparency is the key to building trust

    As a people-powered translation platform, Lewene empowers humans with technology in a unique way. While the traditional translation industry has held a subjective attitude towards service delivery, at Lewene we run our business based on data—from the way we measure translation quality to how we assess performance in customer service.

    This may sound great if you’re on the inside, but how can you assess our service from the outside? When we say Lewene is “fast,” what exactly does that mean? When we say we’re “reliable,” how is that quantified? Is this sales-talk pulling your leg, or real data you can trust?

    We wanted a way to expose the real metrics inside Lewene so that you can make an informed decision. We also wanted a way to do what is sometimes painful but always beneficial: to ensure we are honest with ourselves, so that we can improve.

    Open Data is our answer. In this section of our site you will see real data, continually-updated, from all parts of Lewene’s business. We will share raw information on our support, on translation quality, on our speed and capacity, and on the overall performance of our platform. Over time, you’ll be able to see every aspect of our service so that we can help you make a purchasing decision or just geek out on our metrics.


    Once we add data to this Open Data site, we will not remove it unless it becomes irrelevant, impossible to gather or legally unwise. If our customer satisfaction rating ever takes a plunge, we’ll still keep the data visible.

    We will not edit or curate data except to remove personally-identifiable information. For example, since we control the data it would be easy to post only our positive reviews, but this would defeat the purpose. You can be assured that when we release a set of data, it is undoctored and complete.

    Our business relies on our data—whether bad or good—to improve our service. Cheating you would be cheating ourselves. With Open Data we’re making a commitment to our users to be absolutely truthful about what we display.

    Matthew Romaine, CEO


    When something goes wrong, we want to be helpful, fast. Our support team provides round the clock coverage, but how well are we doing? See the data


    Our platform allows us to complete translations in mere minutes. What is the typical experience? See the data


    Lewene recruits and manages a pool of thousands of translators around the world. Where are they, and how hard is it to qualify? See the data


    Lewene uses objective ratings from experienced reviewers combined with customer feedback to evaluate the quality of our translations. See the data


    We're people-powered, but you connect to us through APIs and the web. How does the reliability and speed of our technical platform stack up? See the data

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